If your School District is considering automation options for Facility Use Requests made by community members and staff, here are important features to consider when evaluating available software applications.

  1. Fast


    Does the software harness the power of real-time, cloud-based processing to reduce processing times? Be sure the software is accessible anywhere, anytime from desktop, tablet or phone.

  2. Easy


    Is the software easy to use, both for district staff and community members? Pay special attention to the on-boarding process where available sites and spaces are defined, as well as the community-reservation process.

  3. Comprehensive


    Is an additional module and/or cost required for the software to handle community group Requests? Software should accommodate district and community needs without having to pay extra.

  4. Affordable


    Is the application affordable and is it subject to annual price increases? Check software pricing policy including determining when subscription costs were last increased and by how much.

  5. Standalone


    Is the application part of a costly software bundle that provides more features than your district uses or wants? Your district should be able to find a simple affordable solution that meets your needs.

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